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Korean Name Ring (Hangul)

Korean Name Ring (Hangul)

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"Got my name engraved in hangul and I love it so so much!☺️" -Narry, NYC-


♥ ONE: 1st Drop down menu option
- Choose your Color & Size

♥ TWO: 2nd Drop down menu option
- Choose your Engraving Side

♥ THREE: Submit your name
- Simply use the 'PERSONALIZATION BOX'

Everything you left in the box will be It will be turn into Korean engraving! If you want to engrave other languages, please specify it clearly in the box. (We don't translate other than ENG<->KOREAN)

-If Outside & Inside selected, specify what you would like on each side.

-For symbols, 4 types are available, simply just add them in (heart), (star), (sun), (moon) or copy & paste ♡ ✰ ☼ ☽

ex) Outside: Julie -> engraving will be in hangul "쥴리"

ex) Outside: Julie, Inside: Love (in english) -> engraving will be Julie in hangul "쥴리" but, Inside will be still in english "Love"

                                         Happy 500+ customers

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