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Stray Kids Mystery Box [limited edition]

Stray Kids Mystery Box [limited edition]

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Hi STAYs! Stray Kids mystery box includes super limited quantity, visitors only merchandise from "STRAY KIDS X SKZOO THE VICTORY OFFICIAL POP-UP" held in Seoul. Don't miss out!

What you'll get

❤️6-8 official merch and fan made goodies
❤️1-2 official skzoo merch; skzoo plush, skzoo balloon, card holder, smart tok, acrylic stand, picnic mat, mini bag, lightstick keyring, etc 
❤️Unique fan made items; photo cards, poster, photo stand, notebook, tattoo sticker, etc
❤️Korean snack

❤️1 SKZ solo polaroid 

*Box size: 23*16*11 cm

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