About Us

KollectionSeoul is based in S.Korea, aim to provide subtle yet meaningful jewelry inspired by kpop artist, for kpop fans around the globe!

Welcome to KollectionSeoul! We are a small business established here in Seoul, Korea. We want every individual to feel special to own any particular item. Every piece of jewelry is handmade from 100% ethically sourced material. We thrive to ensure our accessories are the best of quality there is. 

KollectionSeoul has grown expediently over the year with the help of the #kollectionfam. We really appreciate everyone who has been apart of our journey as we continue to grow.

Thank you so much for the continued support and hope you continue to allow us to take pride in serving your aesthetic kpop lifestyle. This has been an incredible experience! We started KollectionSeoul because we wanted to really reach out to the community and offer something really trendy and unique. There really is something special about communicating one on one with our customers. The ultimate goal of KollectionSeoul is to motivate and inspire you to enjoy your kpop journey. Our team is incredibly grateful to continue to grow this business and embark on this wonderful learning experience.